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Please have a look at our tractor range featuring Luzhong, Huaxia and Enfly Tractors

From hobby farm to larger acreage properties we will be able to help you with the tractor and attachments you need to get the jobs done.

  • Enfly 554 Tractor with Cabin – <b>$26,990</b> inc

    Enfly 554 Tractor with Cabin – $26,990 inc

    DQ554-G Tractor from ENFLY DQ series, The pride of our 55hp fleet with its enclosed cabin you can turn on…

  • Enfly 554 Tractor – <b>$22,990</b><br /> inc

    Enfly 554 Tractor – $22,990

    DQ554 Tractor from ENFLY DQ series, with steel bonnet and guards, is a robust tractor built to provide durability and…

  • Enfly 40hp Tractor – <b>$19,990</b> inc

    Enfly 40hp Tractor – $19,990 inc

      DQ404 Tractor from ENFLY DQ series, This is what we call a full size 40hp tractor, With it's steel…

  • Huaxia 404 – <b>$16,990</b> inc

    Huaxia 404 – $16,990 inc

    HX404 Tractor from HUAXIA HX series, This is the perfect companion for small to medium hobby farm and small acreage owners.…

  • Luzhong 30hp Tractor – <b>$14,990</b> inc

    Luzhong 30hp Tractor – $14,990 inc

    LZ304 Tractor from LUZHONG LZ series, A very popular tractor from the Luzhong range and it's the perfect option for…