New Tractors for Sale Melbourne, Australia

 New Tractors for Sale Melbourne, Australia

We are very pleased to bring Lovel tractors to Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, We are based in Pakenham Victoria but we service all of Victoria and surrounding sates.

Looking for that new addition to you farm then look no further as we have the new Lovol M604 Tractor available in a Cabin or Rop’s option so you can be out of the elements in your air conditioned cabin or in the fresh air with the Rop’s model with sunshade to stop you getting burnt, As you know Melbourne can sure bring all the seasons in the same day.

We are also an appointed Lovol Spare parts Melbourne dealer and keep stock of spares to supply parts to Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Looking for a New Hydrostatic Tractor?

We have a great range of New TYM Tractors that will be able to help you get your jobs done with ease.  These hydrostatic tractors have been paired with some fantastic engines like Perkins, Yanmar and Mitsubishi so you know you are looking at a powerhouse engine that will perform for years of operation. Tannertrack is appointed a Melbourne based TYM Tractor Dealer and we have full support from the TYM factory and INLON so you know your tractor is backed and supported

New tractor or second hand tractor?

Why look at an old tractor someone has traded in with its best years behind it when you can look at a new tractor for sale with warranty backup and support. Heard a lot about our tractors but not sure? Come down to our showroom in Melbourne and see how we operate and what tractor we have to offer you.

We also offer attachments for tractors like slashers, backhoes, post hole diggers, wood chippers and many more. We are located about an hour from Melbourne CBD and about 30min from Warragul Victoria. It’s important to size your attachment to suit your tractor, So when you are looking for your new tractor for sale be sure to know what attachments you can equip that tractor with to do the jobs required as there’s no point having a 40hp tractor and putting a 6ft slasher behind it as it might sound like a great deal but it’s just not going to perform how you need your new tractor to perform.

Looking for that new tractor for sale? Some things to consider are Spare parts, Service and Advise, Front End Loader Load Rating, Size of the front Axle.  Are they selling you a tractor or selling you the right tractor for the job? We are very big on making sure that the tractor we sell you is fit for purpose and will perform its best for you.

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