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TannerTrack Pty Ltd is a Victorian based family owned company operating since 2011 with over twenty years mechanical experience. We are dedicated to providing quality tractors and attachments to hobby farm enthusiasts and small and large acreage lifestyle properties.


We are an authorised TYM, Lovol, Huaxia and Enfly dealer and also specialize Luzhong tractors. We stock small horse power tractors ranging from 19hp – 80hp. We visit supplier’s factories regularly in China and South Korea to continue research and development and to ensure we maintain our standard of tractors and attachments. We are proud to offer our current range of Chinese tractors especially the Tier 1 Lovol Tractor. Our customers are spread all across Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia testifying to our top quality sales and support. Our tractors are fully pre-delivered and ready to use. Let us help you create the lifestyle you want with a small horse power tractor to suit your property needs.

Farming for some people is work, but for others having a small hobby farm or a commercial farm is just part of who they are and we understand that and with our range of tractors you can find the right tractor for your lifestyle hobby farm.
We have Compact TYM Tractors with HST Transmissions that are great for those of you that have escaped the city and are new to owning a small acreage hobby farm and need a lifestyle tractor that is extremely easy to operate to get the jobs done without breaking your back.
Horses, some people love them, some hate them but if you have them then we find people switch from small square hay bales to round hay bales and asking how much a bale of hay weighs is like asking how long is a piece of string.  So you need to make sure your lifestyle tractor is the right size for you acreage property to do the jobs that need to be done.
Weight is a major component with tractors when it comes to lifting and keeping the whole process safe!  We like our customers to come down and talk about what they want to do with the tractor and the sort of work their property needs so we can set you up with the right tractor package to suit their lifestyle property needs.
Not all hobby farms need a tractor with a front end loader, If you are just after a tractor for slashing, pulling or towing we can certainly help you with a tractor package to suit your lifestyle. We have a range of attachments from backhoes to post hole diggers we can put together a tractor package to make your small acreage lifestyle property a lot easier to  maintain.
If you have a larger size property we have a range of tractors over the 50hp range so we can make sure the tractor will be capable of the larger jobs like seeding and ploughing and lifting heavy loads.
If your on a budget or you want a top of the line tractor we can help you to get the right tractor for you lifestyle property.
Give us a call to discuss what tractor we recommend for your small acreage property.

Meet the Team

About Us

David: Owner Operator of TannerTrack.

After purchasing a small acreage lifestyle property and needing a small horse power tractor myself, I struggled to find a low cost new tractor to suit my needs. I began researching Chinese tractors and after purchasing one and being very happy with the quality and reliability, my love for this lifestyle deepened and I created TannerTrack.

About Us

Geoff: Sales Manager

His knowledge in this field has no limits. Geoff grew up working on a farm and has hundreds of hours under his belt operating tractors. He now enjoys his time on a small lifestyle property with his family tending to his horses and continues his love for farming and tractors as our dedicated Sales Manager.