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TannerTrack is a family owned business based in Pakenham Victoria and has been selling tractors and attachments since 2011. We also have an Appointed Dealer in Dalby Queensland.

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LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin

LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin

LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin
LOVOL M804, 80hp Cabin

LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin

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Largest in the TB Range is the LOVOL 75HP TB-3 Tractor

The TB-3 reigns supreme in the TB series with these exclusive features:

  • Unmatched Strength: As the largest tractor in the TB series, the TB-3 boasts a robust build and wider axles, allowing it to handle heavier loads and tackle more demanding jobs on your land.
  • Precise Control at Your Fingertips: Experience the control you deserve with the TB-3's hand PTO clutch. Engage and disengage implements with ease and ultimate precision, ensuring seamless operation of your attachments.
  • Extra Lift: Higher 3pl lifting compasity with its extra rear lifting rams
  • Larger Front End Loader: Giving you mor height and more lift

The LOVOL 75HP TB-3 isn't just powerful, it's the strongest and most capable tractor in the TB series:

  • Unleash the Beast: Experience the earth-moving performance of the all-new 65 horsepower engine, engineered to conquer even the most challenging tasks with unwavering strength. Whether you're breaking ground, mowing fields, or hauling heavy equipment, the TB-3 possesses the power to make it seem effortless.
  • Versatility Redefined: Forget the days of needing multiple machines. The TB-3 is your one-stop shop for land management. Thanks to its extensive range of compatible attachments (sold separately), transform it into a loader, excavator, backhoe, mower, or more, maximizing your efficiency and eliminating the need for a cluttered farmyard.
  • Operator Comfort, Reimagined: Climb into the haven of the ergonomically designed operator station. Work tirelessly with minimal fatigue, thanks to the spacious cabin, plush seating, and intuitively placed controls designed to prioritize your comfort.
  • Built to Endure: The LOVOL 75HP TB-3 is a machine that stands the test of time. Constructed with top-tier materials and boasting a proven design, this tractor offers exceptional durability and unwavering reliability, keeping you operational season after season.

Choosing the LOVOL 75HP TB-3 tractor guarantees:

  • Supercharged Productivity: Experience a surge in efficiency with the increased power and versatility this incredible machine offers.
  • Cost-Effectiveness at its Finest: The fuel-efficient engine and minimal maintenance requirements help you save money where it counts.
  • Unmatched Comfort: Say goodbye to long days filled with aches and pains. The TB-3 prioritizes your comfort, allowing you to work extended hours with minimal fatigue.
  • An Investment for Life: The LOVOL 75HP TB-3 is more than a tractor; it's an investment in the future of your land and your business.
Ready to revolutionize your land management? Visit your nearest LOVOL dealer in Pakenham Victoria for a test drive and experience the unparalleled power and potential of the 75HP TB-3 tractor firsthand. Don't settle for anything less – transform your land with the LOVOL Tractor!!



75hp engine is the largest in the TB range


Wider axles on the TB-3 gives you the ultimate in stability in the TB range


The TB-3 75hp runs the larger loader with extra height and lift compacity


Fitted with a PTO hand clutch you can independently operate the PTO clutch


Extra lift rams on the 3pl so your ready for the heavier loads


  • Engine Model XINCHAI A4K41T75
  • Engine type Diesel
  • Engine gross power 75hp 55.9kW
  • PTO Power 48kw
  • No. of cylinders 4
  • Total displacement 3.857cc
  • Rated speed 2400 rpm
  • Inline Mechanical pump - NO Computers
  • Fuel tank capacity 60L


  • 12x12 Shuttle Shift, Synchromesh Gearbox
  • Low Medium High - Transfer Case
  • 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Synchromesh Gears
  • Forward - Reverse Shuttle


  • Dry, Dual Stage clutch for responsive engagement and smooth power delivery.
  • 11 Inch Ceramic Plate Drive Plate with torsional springs
  • 11 Inch Ceramic Plate PTO Plate


  • Mechanical gear differential providing basic traction control and power distribution between rear wheels.
  • Rear Diff Lock


  • Front Axle: Bevel gear final drive 
  • Lovol axles made in house by LOVOL
  • Rear Axle: Heavy-duty Design
  • Larger planetary gear sets on TB-2
  • Extra brake disc on both sides


  • 4wd - Front Wheel Assist
  • Single lever engagement


  • Implement Flow rate 35 L/min , sufficient for operating standard implements.
  • Steering Flow Rate 12 L/min
  • 2 Pairs of rear remotes
  • Dual filtration, Suction and Return 


  • 540/760 PTO Speeds
  • --- hp Rated PTO power


  • Standard Cat-2 Rear 3pl
  • Adjustable side links
  • 1530kg Lift @610mm Behind hitch point
  • Extra lifting rams on 3pl
  • Radial Tyres
  • Front - 300/70R20
  • Rear - 380/85R30
  • Dual rear wheel weights, Total 344 kg

LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin

LOVOL M804 TB-3, 75hp Cabin

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What our clients say

“An amazing service”

Fantastic company to deal with, everything was seamless. The tractor performs extremely well. There was no surprises. Geoff and Dave very courteous and polite and very knowledgeable about their products. Cant wait to try all the attachments we bought with the tractor. Would definitely go back again if we need anything else. They are located 1.5hrs from where we live but it was well worth the drive. Highly recommend this company."

Pat Brooke

“An amazing service”

Hi David, writing to thank you for your outstanding service when I purchased my new 70 HP HX tractor. I actually shopped around for at least 18 months at field days , on the internet and at other tractor brands sales rooms. In the end a trip to showroom at Pakenham sealed the deal. I am convinced the HX is the best value tractor on the market for its size and equipment. You willingness to travel to southern NSW to service my machine and adjust after the prescribed operating hours was very much appreciated.

Daryl M

“An amazing service”

I bought a Luzhong LZ304 from Tanner Track in October 2014 and have found it to be a good value fully featured hobby farm tractor. The whole experience of purchasing from Tanner Track was very painless with efficient shipping interstate, and excellent support before, during, and after the sale, even well outside the warranty period. David knows these tractors inside out and is always happy to offer advice. I've had a couple of minor issues with the tractor, but these have been quickly sorted out by David. More businesses should be run like Tanner Track.

Glenn K

“An amazing service”

I told Jeff the task I wanted to do and he gave me a choice of three tractors that would do the job at the lowest cost. I visited their rather compact premises in Cranbourne, (since enlarged) to park my self in each of the tractors. Dave and Jeff agreed to raise the seat height at no charge on any tractor we bought. We had a Huaxia 454 delivered by Dave in April 2019.

On delivery, Dave gave me a rundown of the tractor attributes and then used it to demonstrate how to do the task I needed.

Barney Bilton


Authorised Tractor Dealer

We have full service facility's to keep your tractor up and running with no problems. From general servicing to engine rebuilds we can do it all. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you. Contact Us