1What sort of warranty do your tractor have?
We have a couple of different warranty option depending on tractor, click here to see our warranty options
2How ready is my tractor when I get it delivered?

A great question, you wouldn’t want your new tractor turning up wanting you to spend days working on it before you can use it!

We may not be the cheapest out there but there’s good reason for that, and that’s pre-delivery.

  • Engine Oil changed
  • Full nut and bolt check
  • Coolant changed
  • Cables and linkages adjusted
  • Modifications done to our requirements
  • Even a polish and tyre shine!

Computers updated – just kidding NO Computers are on our tractors!!! other than the hour meter, making these tractors easy for anyone to service.

Our tractors are tested and ready for action straight off the truck!

3When and who can service my new tractor?

We are happy to come out and service your tractor for you or you can also do it yourself or use a 3rd party to do it.

We do ask you to keep a record of service for the tractor and even send us a photo as we love to see our customers looking after their machines.

We are happy to see our tractors have the service interval of 12month or 200hr’s after the initial service.

Things like,

  • Greasing the tractor and attachments
  • Air cleaner service
  • Tyre pressures
  • Oil and water checks

These should be done on regular basis or as required.

4I’m new to buying tractors and not sure of which one should I invest in.

We’d be glad to assist you in your purchases.Geoff, our Sale’s Head, has firsthand experience with tractors and will be able to advise you on what will suit your needs.

5What if I need spare parts or service items?

We keep spare parts in stock. With our network of suppliers, we’ve direct access to parts from China. Service parts are generally posted out the next day.

6What if Ihaven’t purchased my tractor from Tannertrack. Can you still help me with parts and service?

Yes, We are more than willing to help.

7Could you offer service advice if I decide on servicing my own tractor?

Yes. We’re always ready to offer our help. You can send us your queries with pictures, as they facilitate better understanding of the problem.

8I’m not in Victoria. Can you still help me with buying a tractor?

Yes, we can. As a matter-of-fact, we have clients spread across Australia, even in Tasmania.

9Is home-delivery of my tractor feasible?

Yes. We can organize delivery for you at very competitive prices. We also deliver ourselves.

10Does all your tractors come with a 4-in-1 Front End Loader?

Yes, all Luzhong and Enfly tractors come with a 4-in-1 Front End Loader with quick connect Hydraulic hoses and easy to change bucket.

11Have more questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about Tannertrack or our Tractors. We’re always here to listen.