Enfly 55hp Tractor With Cabin


DQ554-G Tractor from ENFLY DQ series, The pride of our 55hp fleet with its enclosed cabin you can turn on the heater in winter and then switch to the air conditioner in summer keeping it so you can work all year round.

Featuring all the standard DQ Series features like draft control, 2 sets of rear remotes, bull bar, robust drive train, metal guards and simple controls this tractor will be a great addition to any property.

Our Enfly Cabin model has a few extra’s over the other DQ Model’s such as a TZ700 front end loader with a safe working load of 700kg as well as the 4in1 bucket making it perfect for those bigger hay bales.

To aid with the support and stability of the bigger tractor is a larger axle and brake setup accompanied with a upgrade in tyre and rim size to match the upgrades.

You only have to inspect the tractor to see its not just a standard tractor with a cabin on top, they have upgraded all the necessary items to make this tractor stand out in the Enfly range of tractors.

Key points

  • Power steering
  • Factory oil bath air cleaner with precleaner
  • 700kg Front end loader SWL
  • 3 year warranty
  • Ceramic plate dual stage clutch
  • 55hp in enhanced drivetrain
  • Dedicated hydraulic pumps
  • Heated and air conditioned cabin
  • rubber mounted cabin

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