Huaxia 40hp


HX404 Tractor from HUAXIA HX series,

This is the perfect companion for small to medium hobby farm and small acreage owners.

A standout for a small farm tractor with steel bonnet and guards, it is a well finished tractor built to provide durability and dependability with simple operation.

For a small tractor it provides optimum driving experience to the operator, its effortless power steering and simple to use shuttle shift transmission makes for ease using the front end loader. The 4in1 front end loader bucket will become your new best friend when it comes to cleaning up you acerage property or hobby farm.

The Huaxia is fitted with a category 1 3 point linkage that has dual acting rams to provide up and down force to the 3pl arms aiding you when it comes to using a post hole digger or the likes of a ripper to loosen up the ground, In its clever design it is also fitted with a float position for when you are slashing, the slasher will just follow the contour of the land.

Key points

  • Power steering
  • 350kg Front end loader SWL
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • Dedicated hydraulic pumps
  • Shuttle shift
  • 3PL with down force

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