Luzhong 30HP Tractor


LZ304 Tractor from LUZHONG LZ series,

A very popular tractor from the Luzhong range and it’s the perfect option for small properties and hobby farm owners looking for a small tractor for those jobs that just cannot be done by hand.

Like all our tractors the Luzhong is fitted with a front end loader with 4 in 1 bucket ideal for cleaning up your property.

While the Luzhong isn’t as robust in its design of our Enfly tractors they certainly have a place in the market of small acreage and hobby farms, with basic functions and a proven 3cyl diesel engine and easy serviceability this tractor will take the hard work out of your jobs.

Luzhong is one of the largest tractor manufactures in China, producing over 30,000 tractors for export to over 30 countries including Australia where they’re being sold since 1999.

Key points

  • Power steering
  • 300kg Front end loader SWL
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • Dedicated hydraulic pumps
  • Shuttle shift

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