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HX404 Tractor with FEL

Tractors are probably the most versatile piece of farming machinery there is. The ongoing development in the technology, functionality, durability and quality of tractors enables the entire farming industry to consistently evolve and be modernised. However, as all farmers are aware, tractors are not exactly the cheapest type of machinery. That’s where Tannertrack come in – we offer one of the best and most competitively priced selections of tractors Melbourne has to offer.

At Tannertrack, we aim to ensure that even the smallest of farmers – from hobby farmers to lifestyle farmers – can easily access the most affordable tractors Victoria has to offer. We position ourselves as specialist providers of high quality, safe and comfortable compact tractors at affordable prices.

We specialise in small horsepower tractors ranging from 30-horse power to 55-horse power from top brands such as Enfly, Leny and Luzhong.

A quality tractor can help you to advance virtually every stage of your farming process so it’s important to ensure that you select the right machine to fit the needs of your farm and farm operations. Whether you need a basic machine for pulverising, ploughing or treating the farm field or require a machine with more advanced functionality to enable you to lay seeds, reap crops and much more, Tannertrack can source high quality yet cheap tractors to suit your requirements.

Quality Tractors For Cheap

When you purchase a tractor from Tannertrack, not only are you guaranteed a great value price and securing one of the highest quality compact tractors for sale in Vic, you’ll also benefit from our many years of industry expertise as part of the package. Even if you are an experienced farmer, it always helps to have a second opinion when investing in farming machinery. We’ve been in the agricultural machinery business and indeed involved in the farming industry ourselves for many years.

We are a Melbourne based, family-owned and family run company with over 20 years of mechanical experience and have firmly established ourselves as one of the main players in the agricultural machinery industry in Australia. We’re here to make hard work easier by enabling easier, smarter and faster farming processes. Not only do we offer a quality range of inventory but we also promise a quality after service too offering advice on servicing, tractor set-up, tractor adjustments and spare parts support.

Our expert team are best placed to provide advice or answer queries regarding tractors or agricultural machinery.

Got a question for our team? Need a quote for machinery?

Feel free to call us today on 0478111646 to speak directly to a member of the expert TannerTrack team. …Readmore

Tractor Sales Melbourne, Victoria

Whether you're a hobby farmer or farming is in your blood, there's probably nothing more exciting than accepting the delivery of a brand new tractor; especially when it comes with a wide range of extra equipment and tools to make your list of never-ending jobs a whole lot easier.


When it's time to purchase a new tractor, it's important to use a company who knows what it's like to be a farmer; who know all there is to know about farm machinery and its maintenance; and who can give you the benefit of both their knowledge and their experience when it comes to choosing a new machine for your farm. And that's why, here at Tannertrack, we've made it our mission to combine our experience and passion to give you the most competitively priced tractor sales Melbourne has available.

Ensuring that you've got the right tractor for the job at hand is one of the most important considerations for any farmer. At Tannertrack we specialise in compact tractors that are both ultra-reliable and suitable for several tasks. With over 20 years' mechanical experience, we know that you want a tractor that's both reliable and versatile, and that's why we only ever sell tractors with a front end loader, so that whether you're planning a day of pulling out posts, or you've got a mountain of hay bales to shift, our tractors won't let you down.

In fact, whether you're looking for stock grass cutting slashers, backhoes for digging trenches and foundations or landscaping your land, or you need a pole hole digger to make light work of fencing off your property, you'll find them all at Tannertrack. What's more, everything you buy from us, from our top quality tractors to our tractor equipment, comes with a warranty and our renowned after-sales service.

In addition, and for your convenience, we're always on hand to help with tractor set-up, tractor adjustments, servicing and, of course, spare parts. We'll even give you advice on the best way to operate your tractor, should you need it.

To ensure that you're getting some of the best and most competitively priced tractors in Melbourne, we import two brands of tractor, Enfly and Luzhong, both of which are manufactured in China to the highest specifications. These well-designed tractors have been modified to suit the Australian market, and have proved to be amongst the safest and most comfortable compact tractors you can buy.

In fact, the combined yearly sales of both manufacturers amount to a whopping 50,000 tractors, probably due to the fact that they're rugged, they're reliable and they've got a superb reputation for being simple to operate.

They're also straightforward to service and spare parts are easily sourced, so they prove to be very cost-effective in the long run.

So, if you're searching the market for a new tractor, get in touch with Tannertrack today, or pay us a visit to see the most competitively priced tractors in Melbourne.

When it comes to investing in a tractor, Australians know that there’s no point in settling for a poor quality machine that’s ineffective in its functionality and practicality.

Australians know that it’s only the tractors that are sold from reputable companies that are truly worth investing in. After all, a farmer’s tools are as important as the machinery that he uses them on so there is no room for error when it comes to choosing top quality tractors in Melbourne, Victoria and the rest of Australia.

Tractors and Equipment in Australia

Welcome to Tannertrack. We are a Melbourne-based, family owned company that has been servicing the need of farmers for quality machinery and related equipment since 2011.

Owned by David, a busy dad who has a wealth of mechanical knowledge and a passion for machinery, farming and providing excellent customer support, TannerTrack has become one of the leading companies for tractors in Victoria and beyond.

Geoff is our sales manager and he grew up working on a farm so he knows first-hand the effort and hard work that goes into maintaining a farm. He has been selling Enfly tractors in Australia for over 6 years, and his knowledge of brands and attachments goes far beyond everything you’ll need to know when it comes to choosing the best machine to cater for your needs.

A Large Selection of Big-brand Tractors

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the machinery and the tools that they need to make their work and, subsequently, their lives easier.

Choose from Luzhong 30hp Tractors, Enfly 40hp Tractors, Enfly 55hp Tractors and Enfly 55hp Tractors with Aircon Cabin among other machines.

We also stock a wide range of attachments and tools to go along with your chosen tractor. If you need advice on any of our product offerings, or if you want to get our expert opinion on what kind of equipment you need, know that we’re committed to providing excellent customer support and after-sales services.

You can expect to receive advice on servicing and tractor setup. We’ll also help you out with tractor adjustments and spare parts support so don’t feel like you’ll be out on your own when you do business with us.

Machinery is our passion here at Tannertrack and we love nothing more than to talk about tractors, tractor accessories and tools. We also stock spare parts and service tractors should you need to avail of either of these.

For more information on buying tractors in Australia and advice on what you need to invest in to cater for your specific farming needs, call us today. You can reach Geoff on 0478111646 and David on 0408136949.

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