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Tractors for Sale in Victoria

Welcome to Tannertrack, where we sort out hobby farm tractors all across Victoria. With over 20 years in the game, we know tractors inside and out. Whether you’re sprucing up your lifestyle property or you need a reliable tractor for retirement, we’re your mates in the field.

Looking for a small tractor that can handle the hard yards? We’ve got just the thing. Our tractors are top quality and user-friendly, perfect for any task on your farm. They’ve got a solid lifting capacity too, making your farm work easier and quicker. With Tannertrack, you're all set for a fair dinkum peace of mind.

Why Choose Tannertrack?

Great Value

Tannertrack offers new, high quality tractors at prices similar to used models from other sellers. Our comprehensive warranties provide more coverage than our competitors, ensuring you get excellent value for your money.

Ready-to-Use Solutions

Each tractor from Tannertrack arrives fully prepared and ready for immediate use. We take care of the setup so you can start working with your tractor as soon as it reaches your farm.

Simple and Reliable

Our tractors are designed with simplicity in mind, free from complex computer systems. This approach makes them easy to repair and maintain, appealing to those who prefer simple, reliable machinery.

Get a Hands-on Experience with Top-Notch Tractors in Victoria

Lovol Tractors

Discover the strength of Lovol tractors, perfect for any farming challenge. Our selection includes mid-size models like the 35 hp and 50 hp, suited for various hobby farming tasks, as well as larger models from 55 hp to 180 hp for more demanding farm work.

TYM Tractors

Known for their reliability and efficiency, TYM tractors are a great choice. Our range includes a compact 25-hp model for small farms, 39-hp and 50-hp options for medium-sized tasks, and larger 60 hp and 100 hp models for extensive farming needs.

Landini Tractors

If you need tractors with powerful capabilities and a front-end loader, look no further than our Landini Discovery series. The 60 hp and 75 hp models are versatile and robust, ideal for larger farming operations.

Superior Tractors for Every Farming Need in Victoria

Victoria's farms vary greatly, from the dairy-rich rolling hills to the expansive wheat growing plains. At Tannertrack, we understand that each type of terrain and crop requires a specific type of tractor. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of the best tractors, designed to meet the unique demands of Victorian agriculture.

Here's what sets us apart:

Expert Advice: Our team of experts will help you select the perfect tractor based on your farm’s soil type, size, crop variety, and budget. We’re here to provide tailored advice to ensure you make the right choice.

Unmatched Selection: Our inventory includes everything from compact, agile tractors for navigating vineyards to robust utility tractors for large-scale farming operations. With leading brands like TYM, Lovol, and Landini, you’re guaranteed to find a tractor that combines the right power, features, and reliability.

Attachment Solutions: Enhance your tractor’s functionality with our wide range of attachments. Whether it’s mowing pastures, plowing fields, or baling hay, we have the tools to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Tailored Tractors for Victoria's Unique Farming Challenges

At Tannertrack, we understand the diverse challenges that Victoria's weather and terrain present. That’s why we specialize in tractors perfectly suited to meet these specific needs:

Wet & Windy: Our tractors feature sealed cabins and powerful engines to keep you productive, no matter the weather.

Mud Masters: Equipped with wide tires and high ground clearance, our tractors glide through muddy fields, ensuring that no task is too messy.

Hill Country Heroes: Designed for strength and stability, our tractors tackle even the toughest hills with ease.

Experience the Tannertrack Advantage Today

Choose Tannertrack for your hobby farm tractor needs in Victoria. Enjoy our outstanding range and exceptional after sales service. Don’t wait—call us today at 1300 144 988 and enhance your farming experience with our top-notch tractors.


Our tractors are designed with a focus on quality, performance, and customer service, making them ideal for both maintaining lifestyle properties and for retirees. They are popular for impressive lifting capacities, which is essential for hobby farm maintenance.

Tannertrack offers brand-new, high-quality tractors at competitive prices. Our tractors are 'old school' and computer-free, simplifying repairs and enhancing reliability. Coupled with comprehensive warranties that surpass those offered by competitors, Tannertrack tractors represent excellent value and simplicity.

Tannertrack’s 'old school' tractors lack complex computer systems, which means they are easier to repair and maintain. This simplicity appeals to those who prefer easy, reliable machinery, ensuring these tractors remain in high demand.

We provide comprehensive warranties that are superior to many competitors, offering robust coverage for your tractor. For specific warranty details, contacting us directly would be advisable.

We have a varied selection of tractors suitable for both small and large properties. Our lineup includes models from respected brands like Lovol, TYM and Landini ranging from compact 25-hp models to large 260-hp cabin tractors.

Yes, many of our tractors have pre equipped front loaders and various accessories, enhancing their utility and making farming tasks more convenient.