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Discover Unrivalled Excellence in Hobby Farm Tractors for Sale in Victoria

At TannerTrack, we're the leading specialists in hobby farm tractors for sale in Victoria. With an unmatched dedication to quality and a vast wealth of mechanical experience spanning over two decades, we're your trusted partner for robust, high-performance tractors.

Whether you're looking for the perfect machine to maintain your lifestyle property or seeking ...Read Morea reliable tractor for retirement, we're here to meet your unique needs.

In searching for tractors for sale in Victoria, specifically small tractors for sale in Victoria, trust TannerTrack to provide the perfect blend of quality, performance, and customer service.

Our tractors come with an impressive lifting capacity, adding to the convenience of maintaining your hobby farm. Choose TannerTrack, and you choose unparalleled peace of mind.

Why Choose TannerTrack?

Remarkable Value

TannerTrack provides brand-new, high-quality tractors at prices comparable to used models elsewhere. Coupled with comprehensive warranties that outshine our competition, we ensure excellent value for every dollar spent.

Ready-to-Go Solutions

Each of our tractors is pre-made and fully prepped for delivery. We eliminate the hassle, ensuring your tractor is ready for work as soon as it arrives at your farm.

Old-School Simplicity

Our focus is on 'old school' tractors that are computer-free. This unique selling point offers easy repairs, simplicity, and high demand. Ideal for those who value straightforward, reliable machinery.

Explore Our Wide Selection of Top-Notch Tractors in Victoria

Lovol Tractors

Our range of Lovol tractors offers robust performance for all your farming needs. From mid-size models like the 35 hp and 50 hp, ideal for diverse hobby farming tasks, to the larger farm sizes of 55 hp to 180 hp, these tractors are built for demanding farm operations.

TYM Tractors

TYM tractors are well-regarded for their reliability and efficiency. Choose from our compact 25-hp model, perfect for small-scale farming tasks, or the mid-size 39-hp and 50-hp versions for slightly larger operations. The 60 hp and 100 hp models provide ample power for more extensive farms.

Landini Tractors

Our Landini Discovery range has you covered if you're after tractors with exceptional power and a front-end loader. The Landini Discovery 60 and 75 hp models offer high versatility and strength, making them a popular choice for larger farm operations.

Huaxia Tractors

Huaxia tractors, particularly our 40-hp mid-size model, deliver outstanding functionality and performance. These tractors provide a blend of power and manoeuvrability, making them an excellent choice for a range of farm tasks.

Superior Tractors for Every Farming Need in Victoria

At TannerTrack, we offer a diverse range of commercial-grade TYM and cost-effective Chinese tractors for sale in Victoria, tailored to meet the needs of both small and large acreage properties.

Our selection of tractors for sale impresses with their ergonomics, simplicity, and resilience, making them the ideal choice for various farming tasks. Beyond sales, we provide assistance with setups, adjustments, and servicing, with a comprehensive selection of spare parts.

Our small tractors for sale in Victoria come equipped with front loaders and accessories for hassle-free farming. Choose TannerTrack, your trusted one-stop solution for hobby farm tractors for sale in Victoria.

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