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Tractors for Sale NSW

Are you on the hunt for a durable and reliable tractor in NSW to help with the daily tasks on your farm or property? With over 20 years of hands-on mechanical experience, our dedicated team at Tannertrack is your go-to for finding the right tractor. We’re proud to offer a range of high-quality tractors from leading manufacturers. Plus, we've got you covered with spare parts for brands like Lovol, TYM, Branson, Luzhong, and Enfly.

No matter if you're in the bush or the city, our compact tractors are up for sale all across NSW. Since we started in 2011, Tannertrack has been committed to supporting small farm owners, hobby farmers, and property owners of all sizes. Enhance your productivity with the reliability and performance of our tractors.

Our Featured Tractors for Diverse Farming Conditions in NSW

In New South Wales, farming conditions vary dramatically, from the lush coastal pastures to the arid inland cropping areas. To help you tackle these varied landscapes, we've handpicked a selection of tractors specifically suited for the wide-ranging agricultural demands of NSW. Here’s a look at our featured tractors, each categorised to meet your specific farming needs:

Compact Tractors (For Small Farms and Hobby Farming)

Focus: Ease of use, affordability, and agility in tight spaces.

Suitable for: Mowing, tilling smaller plots, light landscaping, and transporting materials.

Lovol Tractors: Lovol specialises in compact tractors, offering a range of models (e.g., 35 hp, 50 hp) that are user-friendly and ideal for smaller properties.

TYM Tractors: TYM's compact tractors, like the popular 25-hp model, are known for their efficient operation and maneuverability, making them perfect for hobby farming tasks. 

Utility Tractors (For Mid-Sized Farms and Diverse Tasks)

Focus: Versatility, moderate power, and a wide range of functionality.

Suitable for: Mowing, tilling larger areas, loader work, baling, and post-hole digging.

Landini Tractors: Landini Discovery Series, like the 60 hp and 75 hp models, are popular choices for mid-sized farms due to their high versatility and strength for various tasks.

Agricultural Tractors (For Large-Scale Farms and Demanding Jobs)

Focus: High horsepower, advanced features, superior durability

Suitable for: Large-scale cultivation, heavy plowing, seeding, haying and operating large implements.

Lovol TR Series: 150hp & 180hp tractors are renowned for power, fuel efficiency, and operator comfort.

Lovol TN Series: 260hp model is a high-performance tractor with exceptional operator comfort and advanced features.

Premium Tractors for Sale in Sydney

At Tannertrack, our first-hand experience in the farming machinery industry guarantees that we meet the diverse needs of property owners throughout Australia. Our tractors for sale in Sydney are compact yet powerful, perfect for maintaining grounds, running hobby farms, and other similar tasks across the metropolitan area and beyond. With a range of adaptable vehicles at your disposal, you can tackle your property maintenance with confidence.

Explore our commercial-grade tractors, available throughout Sydney and NSW, ideal for everything from lifestyle to large acreage properties. Whether you need a tractor loader backhoe package, mid-mount mowers, or front-end loaders, our top-quality tractors and implements from South Korea are the best on the market.


TYM tractors offer a versatile range from 20 to over 100 HP, ideal for both crop farming and livestock management. Features include a 3-point hitch for easy attachment of implements like plows and seeders, and compatibility with front-end loaders for tasks such as moving feed and cleaning spills. Their compact design excels in maneuverability for tight spaces, and they offer user-friendly controls, making them suitable for all experience levels.

At Tannertrack, we simplify the tractor selection process for NSW farmers with our expert consultations to understand your farm's needs—considering size, crops, livestock, and terrain. We provide a range of tractors from top brands like TYM, Lovol, and Landini to match your specific requirements. Our range includes essential attachments for both crop and livestock management, supported by flexible financing options and comprehensive after-sales service.

Tractors in harsh NSW environments require increased maintenance frequency, including more frequent air filter replacements and engine compartment cleanings to handle dust and prevent overheating. Regular engine oil changes with high-quality oil are crucial for coping with heat. It’s also important to check for wear on undercarriage components due to uneven terrain. Establish proactive maintenance routines like pre- and post-operation checks and regular cleaning to extend the lifespan of your tractor.

Yes, Tannertrack offers comprehensive after-sales support and services across NSW. Our services include expert advice on servicing, tractor setup, adjustments, and access to spare parts and attachments. We also provide warranty options tailored to the size of the tractor, with coverage ranging from 1 to 3 years for parts and labor, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind post-purchase.