Unparalleled Backhoes for Exceptional Farming Experiences

    At TannerTrack, we expertly pair the might of our backhoes with your farming aspirations, providing robust solutions for lifestyle property owners and hobby farm enthusiasts. Our comprehensive warranty, impressive lifting capacity, and exceptional service make us the preferred choice in the marketplace.

    With the simplicity and efficiency of our non-computerised, old-school tractors, you get the same value as used ones, but with the bonus of a brand-new machine and warranty.

    Explore our backhoe products like the Backhoe LW-7 and Backhoe LW-6.

    Experience the benefits of easy repairs, simple operation, and high-demand attributes of our tractors. At TannerTrack, we keep your farming passion alive, all within your budget. ...Read More

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    Why choose TannerTrack?

    Unrivalled Warranty Terms

    TannerTrack leads the market with unmatched warranty terms, offering you absolute peace of mind. Your investment in our backhoes is safeguarded, paving the way for worry-free farming.

    Instantly Deployable Tractors

    Our tractors arrive pre-assembled and ready to tackle tasks, minimising downtime and boosting your productivity from day one. With TannerTrack, there's no wait, just immediate and efficient farming.

    Exemplary Service and Support

    With two decades of mechanical expertise, we provide consistently reliable and friendly service. TannerTrack isn't just your backhoe provider, we're your committed partner in farming success.

    Power, Efficiency and Simplicity Redefined in Farming

    Backhoe LW-7

    Equipped with outstanding lifting capacity, it simplifies the most demanding tasks on your lifestyle property or hobby farm. It's easy-to-repair and simple-to-operate design ensures smooth farming experiences.

    Plus, with TannerTracks unbeatable warranty, the Backhoe LW-7 is a secure and savvy investment for all farming enthusiasts.

    Backhoe LW-6

    For those seeking robust power in a compact size, the Backhoe LW-6 is your match. Tailored for smaller acreage properties yet not compromising on might, this backhoe delivers excellent performance for all your farming needs.

    Its simplicity and the high demand feature make it an essential addition to your farming equipment. With the added security of our comprehensive warranty, the Backhoe LW-6 is more than just a tractor; it's a reliable farming partner.

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    Unparalleled Value and Performance

    Choosing TannerTrack's backhoes means investing in reliability, superior performance, and exceptional value. Our non-computerised, old-school tractors offer seamless operation, impressive lifting capacity, and easy repairs.

    Coupled with competitive pricing and a comprehensive warranty, our backhoes provide an unmatched farming experience. Trust TannerTrack - where quality meets value.

    Trust TannerTrack for Unrivalled Farming Experiences

    Our commitment lies in equipping you with superior-quality backhoes that enhance your farming journey. Experience the seamless fusion of power and simplicity with our Backhoe LW-7 & LW-6, built to cater to your varied farming needs.

    Why settle for less when you can have the best? Give us a call at 1300 144 988 to explore our offerings. Uncover the TannerTrack advantage today - where service meets satisfaction!

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