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    Front End Loader Kits for Tractors, Made Simpler by TannerTrack

    Your pursuit of horsepower ends at TannerTrack, where we're renowned for our high-quality, easy-to-use front end loader kits for tractors. Designed for the discerning hobby farmer or retiree looking for a new 'toy', our kits deliver unmatched power and functionality, paired with excellent value.

    With the cost of a new tractor equating to many used ones, ...Read More and a comprehensive warranty in the mix, the choice becomes quite clear - TannerTrack.

    We specialise in selling 'old school' tractors without computers, resulting in simpler repairs, straightforward operation, and a product always in high demand. Our front end loader kits for tractors feature great lifting capacity, perfect for tasks such as moving pallets or grabbing logs.

    Why Choose TannerTrack?

    Better Warranties

    Our products are backed by comprehensive warranties that outshine our competitors. Your new tractor investment is well-protected with us.

    Ready to Go

    We provide pre-assembled tractors and attachments, ready to be put to work when they arrive at your property. There's no need to fret over complex assembly - we've got it covered.

    Service Excellence

    Our service goes beyond the sale. With over two decades of mechanical experience, we ensure top-notch maintenance support and customer care.

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    Versatile Front End Loader Kits for Tractors and Attachments by TannerTrack

    Euro Mount Pallet Forks

    Maximise the functionality of your tractor with the Euro Mount Pallet Forks. Our front end loader kit for tractors integrates seamlessly with these pallet forks, transforming your tractor into a robust, multi-tasking machine. Ideal for moving heavy materials around your property, these forks are an essential addition to your equipment arsenal.

    Euro Mount Bale Spear

    The Euro Mount Bale Spear simplifies hay bale handling, adding efficiency and power to your tractor's capabilities. Incorporate it into your front end loader kit for tractors and experience the ease of manoeuvring and stacking large hay bales on your farm. This attachment is perfect for making your agricultural tasks quicker and less laborious.

    Euro Mount Bale Spear & Pallet Fork Combo

    Enjoy the combined utility of our Euro Mount Bale Spear & Pallet Fork Combo. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our front-end loader kit for tractors, this combo offers the flexibility of moving pallets or handling large hay bales as your needs dictate. Simplify your farming activities with this versatile, two-in-one solution.

    Small TYM Mount Pallet Forks

    Don't let the 'small' in Small TYM Mount Pallet Forks fool you. When integrated with our front-end loader kit for tractors, these forks pack a punch, enabling you to easily move heavy loads on your property, irrespective of the tractor's size. These forks are perfect for smaller tractors and enhance your machine's functionality without compromising power.

    Power, Simplicity, and Assurance with TannerTrack

    Embrace the TannerTrack difference. Power your property with our uncomplicated, robust front end loader kits for tractors and versatile attachments. Experience a blend of simplicity, superior service, and assurances of a comprehensive, unmatched warranty in the market. Let's put horsepower at your command.

    Don't just buy a tractor; invest in a lifetime partner for your farm operations. Connect with us today on 1300 144 988, and let us guide you to the perfect solution for your needs.

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