Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments

Tractor Implements & Attachments Looking for the right attachment to suit your tractor? We are based in Pakenham Victoria and service the whole of Australia with tractor implements to suit... Read More

    Tractor Implements & Attachments

    Looking for the right attachment to suit your tractor? We are based in Pakenham Victoria and service the whole of Australia with tractor implements to suit Chinese tractors and South Korean Tractors.

    Discover Tractor Attachments & Implements for Sale

    With our most common attachments, Bale Spears & Pallet Forks, we can supply you with the right attachment to suit your hitch type Whether it's a current Euro Hitch or one of the many early Chinese styles mounts we can fit out your tractor here at our factory in Pakenham Victoria.

    Committed to meeting all the needs and requirements of our valued customers, Tannertrack proudly stocks an extensive range of specialized attachments that can be installed on your farm tractor to aid in the completion of specific tasks. To learn more about how you can streamline the production capabilities of your farm with our time-saving attachments, call us today to talk about the range of attachments we stock.

    Our Range of Tractor Implements for All Farming Conditions

    Australia's vast landscapes and diverse farming conditions require tough, adaptable equipment. That's where Tannertrack comes in! We offer a wide range of high-quality tractor attachments to help you tackle any job on your farm. Here's a breakdown of some of our most popular options, designed to make your life easier and more productive:

    Hay Handling:

    Hay Spears:  Move and stack round bales with ease! Choose from single or double spear options and look for features like hydraulic cushioning for a smooth ride.

    Pallet Forks: Perfect for moving anything from pallets to crates, these come in various lengths and capacities to match your tractor and lifting needs. Consider hydraulic adjusters for even more versatility.

    Pasture Management:

    Slashers: Keep your pastures tidy, clear brush, and manage unwanted vegetation with our selection of slashers. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations, including offset and flail mowers. Choose based on cutting width, working speed, and compatibility with your tractor's horsepower.

    Digging and Grabbing:

    Hydraulic Diggers: Perfect for digging holes, and trenches, and tackling other excavation projects.  We offer various sizes with different digging depths. Consider adding a thumb attachment for even more functionality.

    Log Grabs:  Grab, lift, and transport logs efficiently with our log grabs.  Choose from grapple or single-tine configurations, with a capacity suitable for the size and weight of your logs.

    Cleaning and Maintaining:

    Stick Rake: Ideal for gathering leaves, branches, and debris. We offer various widths with hydraulic adjustments for efficient raking. Consider a hydraulic angle option for increased maneuverability around obstacles.

    Post Hole Drilling:

    Hydraulic Post Hole Digger: Save time and effort by drilling post holes quickly and easily. Choose from different auger sizes to accommodate various post diameters. Look for a quick-attach system for easy mounting and dismounting.

    Ground Management:

    Grader Blade: Level uneven ground, create driveways, and maintain roads with a grader blade. Choose from various blade widths to suit your tractor size and project needs. Go for a grader blade with rippers for breaking up tough soil.

    The Ultimate Multi-tasker:

    Backhoe (LW-6 & LW-7): This attachment is your one-stop shop for digging, trenching, loading, and demolition projects. Available in different sizes (LW-6 and LW-7) with varying digging depths and bucket capacities, choose the backhoe that matches your tractor's capabilities and workload demands.

    Hauling Made Easy:

    Carry All (4ft & 6ft): This versatile attachment lets you transport a variety of materials like mulch, gravel, dirt, and firewood. Choose from different sizes (4ft and 6ft) to suit your hauling needs. Look for features like a tailgate and drop sides for easy loading and unloading.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! We welcome you to visit our dealership. It's a great opportunity to see our range and discuss your needs in person.

    It’s easy - order from our website, call us at 1300 144 988, or email, and we’ll help you find what you need.

    Definitely! We offer excellent after-sales support for all our attachments. Contact us for further assistance.

    Connect with our sales team for financing information. We aim to make our attachments affordable with a range of payment plans.