TYM T265, 25hp Tractor with Front end Loader

TYM Compact Tractors

TYM Compact Tractors for Sale We know you need a mini tractor that's powerful to handle any job, nimble to navigate tight spaces, and versatile enough to tackle a variety... Read More

    TYM Compact Tractors for Sale

    We know you need a mini tractor that's powerful to handle any job, nimble to navigate tight spaces, and versatile enough to tackle a variety of tasks. That's exactly what TYM compact tractors deliver.

    What Makes TYM Mini Tractors Perfect Fit for You

    Whether you have a small lawn or a sprawling property, we have a TYM tractors (from the sub-compact Series 1 to the powerful Series 4) that's perfect for the size and demands of your land.

    Right Amount of Power: TYM tractors come in a range of horsepower options, starting around 25 horsepower for intricate maneuvers, and reaching up to 100 horsepower for heavy-duty tasks. You'll have the muscle you need to get the job done.

    Effortless Maneuverability: These compact tractors turn on a dime, making them ideal for working around obstacles or in tight spaces. Navigate even the most challenging areas of your property with ease.

    One Machine, Endless Possibilities: TYM compact tractors are multi-talented! Attach a mower, tiller, trailer hitch, or digger (and many more!) to tackle everything from lawn care to landscaping to small construction projects.

    Comfort That Keeps You Going: We know a long day on the property could be tiring. That's why TYM tractors are designed for your comfort. Many models feature ergonomic seating, easy-to-reach controls, and spacious platforms to keep you comfortable from start to finish.

    Built to last: TYM tractors are made with high-quality materials and components, so you can count on them to deliver years of reliable performance.

    TYM Compact Tractors: Power, Performance, and Control

    Let's dig a little deeper into the mechanics of TYM compact tractors and how they impact your experience:


    Reliable Diesel Power: We know you need a reliable engine that won't let you down. TYM tractors are equipped with fuel-efficient diesel engines built for extended life, so you can power through your projects with confidence.

    Horsepower & Torque: Engine size (displacement) varies across TYM models, impacting horsepower and torque.

    Lift Capacity: Imagine all the heavy lifting your tractor can do! The three-point hitch lift capacity tells you how much weight the tractor can raise at its arms. For example, a Series T265 tractor can handle up to 950kg, while a T1003 tackles even heavier loads up to 3110kg.

    Pump Flow Rate: This determines how quickly your attachments raise and lower. Higher flow rates mean faster operation. Lower horsepower models typically have a 17 LPM flow rate, while Larger tractors can exceed 61 LPM for impressive speed.

    Transmission Options

    • Hydrostatic Transmission (HST): This is perfect for beginners or tasks requiring frequent direction changes, like mowing or snow removal. HST provides smooth, variable-speed control with a simple foot pedal.
    • Gear Transmission: Experienced operators might prefer the precise control offered by gear transmissions. These transmissions allow you to directly control speed and engine RPM for specific applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    TYM mini tractors are high-quality mini farming tractors designed for efficiency and power, suitable for small agricultural projects. They offer a blend of performance and compactness ideal for small to medium-sized farms.

    Browse our range or contact us via phone at 1300 144 988, email at sales@tannertrack.com.au. You can also visit our physical location.

    The pricing range for a mini tractor in Australia typically starts from around $20,000 and can go up to $30,000, depending on the model and specifications. For an accurate quote, please get in touch with us.

    For details on financing options, contact us at 1300 144 988 or email to discuss available plans.