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Wood Chippers for Sale Need a wood chipper that gets the job done right? Browse our durable and efficient wood chippers. Keep your yard tidy with ease, make... Read More

    Wood Chippers for Sale

    Need a wood chipper that gets the job done right? Browse our durable and efficient wood chippers. Keep your yard tidy with ease, make cleanup a breeze!

    High Quality & Performance Wood Chippers

    At Tannertrack, we understand the Australian farming and lifestyle property scene. We've been offering quality, old-school tractors and top-notch wood chippers to hobby farm enthusiasts and landowners for over a decade.

    With our range of wood chippers, you can trust us to equip your property with machines that are easy to repair, simple to operate, and highly demanded.

    After all, you know what horsepower you want; we're here to connect you with the right tractor or wood chipper. ...

    Whether you're downsizing and looking for a reliable retirement companion or need a rugged, no-nonsense addition to your hobby farm, Tannertrack is here to help.

    What Makes Tannertrack Unbeatable

    Quality and Value

    We offer brand new tractors and wood chippers for the price of many used ones. Plus, we provide comprehensive warranty that far surpass those of our competition. Get peace of mind knowing your investment is safeguarded.

    Ready-to-Go Machines

    Our PTO wood chippers, including the BX72 and BX52 models, are pre-made and ready to go upon delivery. Their powerful lifting capacities make them a coveted choice amongst our customers.

    Exceptional Service

    At Tannertrack, service isn't an afterthought - it's part of our identity. We believe in providing our customers with personalized, professional, and friendly support. When you choose us, you're not just buying a wood chipper; you're entering a relationship with a trusted equipment partner.

    Our Wood Chipping Solutions for Your Farming Needs

    Tannertrack is proud to offer a range of exceptional wood chipping solutions specifically designed for the diverse farming conditions of Victoria. We understand that every farm has unique needs, and that's why we offer best models – the BX72 PTO Drive and BX52 PTO Drive Wood Chippers.

    BX72 PTO Drive Wood Chipper: The Ultimate Powerhouse

    Perfect choice for hobby farms and lifestyle properties that require heavy-duty chipping. Engineered with robust horsepower, the BX72 tackles even the most challenging tasks with ease.

    • Unparalleled Performance: The BX72 boasts exceptional chipping power, making it ideal for handling large branches, and trunks, and clearing land.
    • Superior Build Quality: Built to last, the BX72 features durable construction and high-quality components. This translates to reliable operation and minimal downtime, which is critical for busy farms.

    BX52 PTO Drive Wood Chipper: The Perfect Blend

    Strikes the perfect balance between compactness and strength. This easy-to-operate and maintain chipper efficiently handles all your wood chipping needs, ideal for medium-sized farms.

    • Effortless Management: Designed for user-friendliness, with its straightforward operation and simple maintenance requirements, this chipper allows you to focus on getting the job done.
    • Simple Design for Easy Repairs: Understanding the importance of on-farm repairs, BX52 ensures maintenance and repairs are readily achievable, minimizing downtime.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Tannertrack wood chippers offer durable quality, easy maintenance, and operation. Our warranties provide extra security, outdoing our competitors and giving you confidence in your purchase.

    Simply call us at 1300 144 988, browse our available options, or visit our dealership.

    Absolutely, our PTO woodchippers like the BX72 and BX52 arrive ready to tackle the job if we are delivering them with a tractor but if we are freighting them to you we can leave them in shipping form to save you money in freight.

    Yes, you’re welcome to visit our dealership and see our woodchippers first-hand.

    We offer extensive warranties that go beyond standard, for details contact us at 1300 144 988 or