Landini Tractors

Landini Tractors for Sale in Australia Find outstanding strength and reliability with our wide selection of Landini tractors at Tannertrack. Perfect for tackling tough tasks, each model offers... Read More

    Landini Tractors for Sale in Australia

    Find outstanding strength and reliability with our wide selection of Landini tractors at Tannertrack. Perfect for tackling tough tasks, each model offers robust performance that stands the test of time.

    Uplift Your Farming Performance with Our Landini Tractors

    As a leading Landini tractor dealer in Australia, we are committed to offering top-quality machinery that combines robust power, enduring durability, and advanced technology. Equip your farm with the best to achieve better results.

    Providing Superior Power & Innovation for Every Farming Condition

    Tailored Farming Solutions

    With an extensive lineup, including Landini Farm Size tractors at 60hp and 75hp, and the uniquely equipped Landini Discovery with a front end, we provide a tractor solution tailored to every farming operation.

    These powerful and versatile machines ensure optimum performance across various agricultural tasks.

    Innovative Design and Engineering

    Landini tractors are synonymous with advanced engineering and innovative design. Their high-performance characteristics and user-friendly operation and maintenance features make them a superior choice for any farmer seeking to improve efficiency and productivity.

    Long-lasting Durability

    Built with resilience at the core of their design, Landini tractors are engineered to withstand harsh conditions while delivering consistent performance. This durability, supported by our dedicated customer service at Tannertrack, makes Landini a trustworthy and valuable long-term investment.

    Our High-Powered Landini Tractors Range

    Landini Discovery 60 with Front End Loader

    Built to offer a versatile farming solution, the Discovery 60hp model has a front-end loader, perfect for managing various agricultural tasks. This tractor delivers robust performance, efficiently handling everything from loading and lifting to other heavy-duty tasks, all while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.

    Landini Discovery 75 with Front End Loader

    The Discovery 75hp model, complete with a front-end loader, is designed to deliver ultimate power and versatility. With a larger horsepower engine, it excels at more challenging, large-scale tasks, proving its mettle in the most demanding agricultural scenarios. This model has the strength and reliability that Landini Tractors are renowned for.

    We Are Your Trusted Partners in Agriculture

    Exceptional Product Range

    We offer an extensive range of premium quality tractors and farming machinery, including highly regarded Landini Tractors. Our carefully curated selection ensures that we have the right solution for every unique farming need, regardless of scale or complexity.

    Unrivalled Expertise

    With years of industry experience, our team has the expertise to guide you towards the best equipment for your farming requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand and cater to our customer's specific needs, making us a reliable partner for all your farming operations.

    Comprehensive After-sales Support

    We don't just sell tractors; we build lasting relationships. Our comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance and parts services, ensures that you enjoy maximum productivity and longevity from your investment.

    We're committed to providing seamless and prompt service, cementing our position as your go-to Landini tractor dealer in Australia.

    Upgrade Your Farming Operations with Tannertrack

    At Tannertrack, we sell tractors and deliver reliable agricultural solutions that stand the test of time. Our tractors are renowned for their excellent lifting capacity, enhancing your productivity while ensuring simplicity and ease of repairs.

    We're proud to offer models that hark back to the 'old school' - tractors without computers - meeting high demand in today's complex digital world. Pre-made and ready to go upon delivery, each tractor has a warranty that far surpasses the competition, adding an extra layer of security to your investment.

    Choose Tannertrack for the finest Landini tractors for sale in Australia. We offer more than just products, we deliver experiences underpinned by unmatched service, comprehensive warranties, and expert advice.

    Join us today to make farming operations more robust, efficient, and seamless. Let's revolutionise agriculture together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, the Landini Discovery 60 and Landini Discovery 75 models are equipped with front-end loaders, offering versatility for a variety of farming tasks like loading, lifting, and other heavy-duty operations.

    Our Landini tractor lineup offers horsepower options ranging from 60hp to 75hp, providing the necessary power for any agricultural task.

    Absolutely! We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance and parts services, to ensure your investment continues to perform at its best. Our team is committed to delivering seamless and prompt service.

    Reach out to us by phone at 1300 144 988 or email us at Our team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal tractor for your farming needs.