TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops
TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops

TYM T413, 39hp HST Rops

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Product Description




T413 Yanmar Engine
  • Powered by 38.4hp Yanmar naturally aspirated 3 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine
  • Yanmar Diesel is a global engine manufacturer of quality, giving you the confidence in reliability and after-sales support
  • Engine certified to meet the stringent Tier III engine and noise emission standards
  • 1642cc engine, resulting in high torque for serious work
  • Dual dry element air cleaner for Australia's dusty conditions
  • 34 litre fuel tank capacity with easy access at rear side will provide for many working hours between refueling


T503 Transmission
  • The tractor weight of 1390kg (ROPS version) is a reflection of the heavy duty transmission, driveline and axles. The tractor weight is in part, a result of the heavy front axle, which is important for a tractor fitted with a front end loader as substantial loads are applied during loader operation
  • See optional front end loader for details
TYM T413 HST Pedals
  • The Hydrostatic drive transmission is controlled by two side by side pedals for easy forward and reverse directional changes
  • The new Auto Throttle feature links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed and engine RPM. This simplifies operation, helps increase productivity and reduces fuel consumption.
  • 3 Ranges with range lever located to operator's right
  • 0-27km/h maximum speed
TYM T413 Front Axle
  • The heavy duty front axle performs in tough working conditions and handles loads with ease
  • A long wheel base and wide stance increases stability in all conditions
TYM T413 Diff Lock
  • Rear axle with diff-lock for difficult traction situations
  • 4WD and the diff -lock provides better traction, control and performance
  • 4WD mode is controlled by a lever on the left hand side of the operator
  • Inboard wet disc brakes can be split for indpendent left and right side braking to assist turning in tight situations


TYM T413 Linkage Remote
  • Control for the linkage and hydraulic remotes are on the right-hand side
  • The 3-point linkage with position control
  • Hydraulic remotes are ideal for the operation of log splitters, post hole augers and a wide range of implements
TYM T413 Linkage
  • 1 set of double-acting hydraulic remotes
  • Category 1 3-point linkage with 1200kg lifting capacity gives the tractor great versatility and range of applications
  • Adjustable lower link arms
  • The PTO driveline is a simple and direct design for high efficiency and power
  • The PTO clutch is an independant oil immersed clutch pack for long life with simple push-button operation
  • Auto-PTO function automatically disengages the PTO when the linkage is raised, and automatically re-engages when lowered; a great function that simplifies repeated row work and prevents implement damage


TYM T413 Cockpit Dash
  • Ergonomic design with easy to reach controls
  • Easy to read instrument panel
  • Titlable steering wheel
  • Combination switch controls lights and indicators
  • Digital hour metre display
  • PTO On/Off Switch
  • Cruise control
TYM T413 Tiltable Steering Wheel
  • Tiltable steering wheel
TYM T413 Joystick
  • Fully integrated joystick for control of front end loader with electric button for third function operation (when fitted)
  • See optional front end loader for details
TYM T413 Flat Platform
  • Wide distance between rear mudguard and dash panel provides easy access on and off the tractor
  • Uncluttered flat floor without trip hazards is the largest surface area in its class
  • Rubber floor mat reduces noise and provides an easy to maintain surface
TYM T413 Adjustable Suspension Seat
  • Adjustable suspension seat for comfort
TYM T413 Easy Access 1 Piece Bonnet
  • Easy access to all maintenance areas with pop-up 1 piece bonnet



TYM T413 Optinal Front End Loader
  • Level lift front-end loader ideal for materials handling and utility work around the farm
  • See this link for details and specifications on the optional front end loader


TYM T413 Rear Tyre
  • Choice of agricultural, industrial or turf tyres


T413 HST
Engine Type Yanmar
Number of Cylinders 3
Engine Power (hp/kW) 38.4/28.6
Engine Torque (Nm) 142.7
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Number of Transmission Ranges 3
Side-by-side Forward / Reverse Transmission Pedals Tick
Cruise Control Tick
Maximum Speed (km/h) 27
PTO Speed (rpm) 540
Independent Push Button PTO engagement Tick
3-point Linkage Lift Capacity (kg) 1200
Number of Hydraulic Remotes 1 set
Integrated Joystick Control for Front-end Loader Tick
Weight - Tractor Only (kg) 1390