Selecting the right implements

Choosing the right tractor is a demanding task, but equally demanding is selecting the right implements to go with it. A tractor is nothing but unexploited power without the right implements, which channelize it for purposeful utilization.

Every tractor is equipped with these three components:

  1. Drawbar: For simple pulling.
  2. PTO: Power Take-off is a spinning driveshaft which connects to drawn-behind implements and front-mounted equipment.
  3. Hydraulic system: The powered cylinders raise and lower moveable attachments like back-hoe and front-loader bucket.

Before buying the implements it's very much necessary to know their functionality and usability. Another important thing to keep in mind before reaching out for that shining scraper blade or back-hoe is its compatibility with your tractor. Therefore, it's advised to check the compatibility of implements that would be required, before buying a tractor. Read more about choosing the right tractor for you.

Here's to throw some light on the various attachments available in the market:

Front-end loader

It's a bucket attached by two hydraulic arms which finds its use in chores like scooping, dumping, pushing heavy substances like dirt, gravel and snow.


It is a piece of excavating equipment or digger bucket attached at the rear end of a tractor. It capable of a rotation of around 200 degrees and is extensively used for a wide-variety of tasks.


They are attached to draw bar or rear three-point hitch and come in three types: sickle bar, hammer knife and rotary. A sickle mower is the usual cutting implement having triangular bladed affixed in series to a sliding bar. Rotary mowers provide the additional functionality of throwing the cuttings out to one side and mow almost everything.

Chain harrow

Also known as drag, is used to aerate soil, detach turf after mowing and level land. It is a weighted section of flat chain with vertical spikes spaced equally and requires less horsepower to function.

Scraper blade

As the name suggest, it is a scraping tool mounted on a rear three-point hitch, used for filling potholes and smoothing.

Post hole digger

It's usage is just the opposite of scraper blade. It's a giant drill used for digging holes and save much manual labour which would have been otherwise required.

After becoming familiar with the purposes and specificities of these tools, you're left with only the compatibility part. For that you'll have to contact your dealers and ask them away. TannerTrack is always receptive and welcoming to your questions. Feel free to contact us for any assistance. *link Contact Us* and choose away from the broad range of quality attachments we sell.