Barney Bilton Testimonial

Huaxia 454

Barney Bilton

a year ago-

I told Jeff the task I wanted to do and he gave me a choice of three tractors that would do the job at the lowest cost.

I visited their rather compact premises in Cranbourne, (since enlarged) to park my self in each of the tractors.  Dave and Jeff agreed to raise the seat height at no charge on any tractor we bought.

We had a Huaxia 454 delivered by Dave in April 2019.

On delivery, Dave gave me a rundown of the tractor attributes and then used it to demonstrate how to do the task I needed.

The tractor was working beautifully for around 20 hours and then suffered a malfunction that I fear I may have contributed to. Straight away Dave agreed to drive the 3.5hrs to our property to conduct a repair. There was nowhere suitable on our block for the work to be done and so he put it on his truck, took it back to Packenham, had it repaired in two days and then arranged to bring it back.

All at no cost to me and without any complaint or hassle

It is a welcome change from trying to get warranty work on a new car.


I requested some more attachments be fitted, and Dave recommended a brand that he didn’t sell that would be better for my purpose. He purchased the attachment and fitted it to the tractor for its return journey.

Awesome service from a top company.

I thoroughly recommend Tannertrack if you’re looking for old fashioned honesty, diligence and superior professional service.

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