Philip V Testimonial

forks as well and it lifts heavy pallets of wood

Philip V.

The service and help from Tannertrack, both Geoff and David was excellent from the first phone call.

Having now had the tractor for a year and 110 hours, I must say it was money well spent.

Having only had English tractors in the past I was sceptical about a Chinese tractor!

First impression was that the motor was under powered for the weight of the tractor. But that was proven wrong once the motor was run in! I have cleared my property with the tractor and with the four wheel drive engaged, it pushes above its size! The hydraulics also perform great. I purchased the forks as well and it lifts heavy pallets of wood, to the point I have to have the front wheels engaged to maintain traction!

I have no hesitation in recommending Tannertrack .

Philip V, Tasmania

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