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TannerTrack is a family owned business based in Pakenham Victoria and has been selling tractors and attachments since 2011. We also have an Appointed Dealer in Dalby Queensland.

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TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin
TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

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The Cabin TYM T503 Tractor

Do you crave a tractor that adapts to your needs and preferences? Look no further than the TYM T503 – a versatile machine offering the power and control you desire, available in both Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) and Manual transmission options.

The TYM T503 isn't just a tractor; it's your perfect on-farm companion, tailored to your style:

  • Unleash Reliable Power: Experience the heart of the T503 with its robust 50 horsepower, 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine. This machine tackles various tasks with ease, from tilling and mowing to light groundwork and hauling equipment.
  • Choose Your Control: Select the transmission that best suits you. The HST option provides smooth, effortless operation with a single foot pedal for forward and reverse, ideal for beginners or those prioritizing comfort. For those who prefer a traditional feel, the Manual transmission offers precise control for experienced operators.
  • Comfortable Operation: Climb into the spacious and ergonomic Cabin station. The comfortable seat and intuitively placed controls minimize fatigue during long hours on the job, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  • Versatility at Your Fingertips: The T503 is more than just a tractor; it's a multi-tasking champion. With its loader and backhoe compatibility (sold separately), transform it into a loading machine or a digging powerhouse, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles.
  • Easy Maintenance: The T503 is designed for minimal downtime. Easy access to service points and a fuel-efficient engine minimize maintenance needs, keeping you operational and productive.

Choosing the TYM T503 Tractor guarantees:

  • Increased Efficiency: Get more done in less time with the T503's combination of power, user-friendly controls, and comfortable operation, regardless of your transmission choice.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: The fuel-efficient engine and minimal maintenance requirements help you save money, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  • Unmatched Comfort for Long Days: Work comfortably in the cabin with the aircon on for extended periods in the spacious operators area, minimizing fatigue and maximizing productivity.
  • An Investment for the Future: The TYM T503 Tractor is a reliable and versatile machine built to last, ensuring years of dependable service on your land.

Ready to experience the perfect fit for your farm? Visit your nearest TYM dealer in Pakenham Victoria for a test drive and experience the power, comfort, and versatility of the T503 Tractor in both HST and Manual transmission options. Don't settle for anything less – take control of your land and conquer any project with TYM.



Quallity Perkins Engine, Powerfull and Quiet


Manual and HST (automatic) Options available


Air con, Heater, Radio, Suspension Seat you can use your tractor in comfort


Draft and position controls, Rear remotes all easy to access


2 Pairs of rear remotes


  • Powered by 50hp Perkins naturally aspirated 4 cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine
  • Perkins Diesel is a global engine manufacturer of quality, giving you the confidence in reliability and after-sales support
  • Engine certified to meet the stringent Tier III engine and noise emission standards
  • Load sensing control prevents engine from stalling during heavy loads
  • Cruise control with increase/decrease button
  • 2216cc engine with 142.7Nm of torque at 1800rpm
  • A generous engine capacity of 2216cc, resulting in high torque for serious work
  • Dual dry element air cleaner for Australia's dusty conditions
  • A large capacity 60 litre fuel tank for many working hours between refueling
  • Manual 16x16 Syncro Shuttle or HST with 3 Speen Transfercase Available

  • The tractor weight of 1710kg (ROPS version) is a reflection of the heavy duty transmission, driveline and axles. The tractor weight is, in part a result of the heavy front axle, which is important for a tractor fitted with a front end loader as substantial loads are applied during loader operation
  • Three (3) range Hydrostatic transmission gives infinitely variable driving speed from stationary to 26 km/h in forward or reverse direction
  • Hydrostatic drive controlled by Independent Forward and Reverse pedals for easy simple operation
  • Ergonomic side by side foot control reduces fatigue and errors
  • Mode sensitivity switch allows the operator to change HST pedal response time through 3 different mode
  • 2 sets of double-acting hydraulic remotes
  • Category 1 3-point linkage with 1503kg lifting capacity gives the tractor great versatility and range of applications
  • Telescopic extendable lower link arms for easy implement connections

  • The PTO driveline is a simple and direct design for high efficiency and power
  • The PTO clutch is an independent oil immersed clutch pack for long life with simple push-button operation
  • Auto-PTO function automatically disengages the PTO when the linkage is raised, and automatically re-engages when lowered; a great function that simplifies repeated row work and prevents implement damage

  • Controls for the linkage and hydraulic remotes are on the right-hand side
  • The 3-point linkage has postition and draft control
  • Draft control automatically lifts the ground-engaging implement from the soil when excessive load is experienced
  • Hydraulic remotes are ideal for the operation of log splitters, post hole augers and a wide range of implements
  • Choice of agricultural, industrial or turf tyres
  • Air-conditioned cabin with sunroof and CD player
  • Ergonomic design with easy to reach controls
  • Easy to read instrument panel
  • Side mounted cabin air intake filters
  • Digital hour meter display
  • PTO On/Off Switch
  • Tiltable steering wheel
  • Side opening windows
  • Front and rear windscreen washers and wipers
  • Front and rear cabin mounted working lights
  • Fully integrated joystick for control of front end loader with electric button for third function operation (when fitted)
  • Wide distance between rear mudguard and dash panel provides easy access on and off the tractor
  • Uncluttered flat floor without trip hazards is the largest surface area in its class
  • Rubber floor mat reduces noise and provides an easy to maintain surface
  • Adjustable suspension seat for comfor
  • Level lift front-end loader ideal for materials handling and utility work around the farm or property

TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

TYM T503, 50hp Cabin

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What our clients say

“An amazing service”

Fantastic company to deal with, everything was seamless. The tractor performs extremely well. There was no surprises. Geoff and Dave very courteous and polite and very knowledgeable about their products. Cant wait to try all the attachments we bought with the tractor. Would definitely go back again if we need anything else. They are located 1.5hrs from where we live but it was well worth the drive. Highly recommend this company."

Pat Brooke

“An amazing service”

Hi David, writing to thank you for your outstanding service when I purchased my new 70 HP HX tractor. I actually shopped around for at least 18 months at field days , on the internet and at other tractor brands sales rooms. In the end a trip to showroom at Pakenham sealed the deal. I am convinced the HX is the best value tractor on the market for its size and equipment. You willingness to travel to southern NSW to service my machine and adjust after the prescribed operating hours was very much appreciated.

Daryl M

“An amazing service”

I bought a Luzhong LZ304 from Tanner Track in October 2014 and have found it to be a good value fully featured hobby farm tractor. The whole experience of purchasing from Tanner Track was very painless with efficient shipping interstate, and excellent support before, during, and after the sale, even well outside the warranty period. David knows these tractors inside out and is always happy to offer advice. I've had a couple of minor issues with the tractor, but these have been quickly sorted out by David. More businesses should be run like Tanner Track.

Glenn K

“An amazing service”

I told Jeff the task I wanted to do and he gave me a choice of three tractors that would do the job at the lowest cost. I visited their rather compact premises in Cranbourne, (since enlarged) to park my self in each of the tractors. Dave and Jeff agreed to raise the seat height at no charge on any tractor we bought. We had a Huaxia 454 delivered by Dave in April 2019.

On delivery, Dave gave me a rundown of the tractor attributes and then used it to demonstrate how to do the task I needed.

Barney Bilton


Authorised Tractor Dealer

We have full service facility's to keep your tractor up and running with no problems. From general servicing to engine rebuilds we can do it all. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you. Contact Us