Efficient Farming with Compact Power

Find compact utility tractors perfect for tight spaces to streamline your operations with versatility and efficiency

HUAXIA HX404, 40hp Rop's

This is the perfect companion for small to medium hobby farm and small acreage owners.


LOVOL M404 TE, 35hp Cabin Tractor

35hp Cabin Tractor with front end loader – 4in1 bucket with euro mount quick release.


TYM T265, 25hp Tractor with Front end Loader

Look no further than TYM T265, a compact tractor to empower your outdoor projects.


Compact Utility Tractors for Sale

At Tannertrack, we recognize that not every farm requires a large machine. Our selection of compact sized utility tractors is ideally suited for smaller Australian farms. These tractors are not only easy to maneuver and operate but are also fuel-efficient.

Whether you're looking to mow fields, transport materials, or till soil, we have a compact tractor that can handle the job. Browse our range or visit Tannertrack dealership today, and our expert team will assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs.

Understanding Compact Tractors

Compact tractors, also known as small farm tractors or small acreage tractors, are perfect for a variety of tasks. These versatile machines offer the robustness, agility, and dependability you need to get the job done efficiently.

Choosing the Right Utility Tractor for Every Need

With so many options available, choosing the best compact tractor can feel overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider:

Category: Compact tractors typically fall under Category 0 to 2 (Cat-0 to Cat-2). This classification determines the size and type of attachments the tractor can handle, like graders, backhoes, mowers, or post hole diggers. 

Transmission: Modern tractors feature hydrostatic transmissions, allowing smooth operation and easy control. This eliminates the jerking motion associated with traditional gear and clutch

Power Take-Off (PTO): This shaft provides power to attachments like mowers and balers. A higher PTO horsepower generally translates to better performance.

Hydraulics: Powerful hydraulics are essential for operating attachments like loaders, and backhoes and easy maneuverability with hydraulic power steering.

Safety: Modern compact tractors prioritize safety with rollover protection structures (ROPS) to minimize injury risks. 

Why Choose Tannertrack for Small Utility Tractors?

Tannertrack, a family-owned Victorian business with decades of experience, is your one-stop shop for high-quality tractors and equipment.
We offer a wide range of compact and utility tractors suitable for various jobs, from hobby farms to large acreage properties.

Looking for your perfect compact tractor? Browse our selection or get in touch with us today! Our team is happy to answer your questions, helping you choose the right tractor for your needs.


Absolutely. Take the HUAXIA
as an example—it’s a versatile, mid-sized tractor ideal for both medium and small farms, compatible with various attachments for multiple farming tasks.

Look for compact tractors with robust hydraulics to ensure smooth operation and efficient attachment use, crucial for tools like front-end loaders and backhoes.

Yes, our tractors are equipped with rollover protection structures (ROPS) and other safety features to ensure secure operations.

Reach out to us at 1300 144 988, email sales@tannertrack.com.au, or visit our dealership.