Guide to buy a small farm utility tractor

When we think of tractors, we usually visualize bulky large-sized vehicle that is used in farming vast lands. But do you know that there are sub-compact tractors and mid-sized utility tractors that are now made available for intermediate farming activities?

Modern day tractors have evolved to new levels. Tractors have been custom created based on domestic usage, especially for small acre farms that do not require large bulky tractors for the job. Choosing the best compact tractor to fulfill your requirements is easy.

The underlying question remains; with a plethora of utility tractors and compact tractors available in the market today, which is the best one for you? Present day tractors are being evolved in ways that gives you robustness, agility and dependability that efficiently accomplishes the task at hand. We present to you an informative piece which can help you decide which are the best compact tractors for sale in Australia.

Understanding the categories

Tractors are broadly divided into three categories. These categories range from Cat-0 to Cat-2 (Category 0 to 2). Several other categories do exist, but largely Cat 0 to 2 are classified as the tractor categories for small farming lands, private areas and homesteaders with a small acreage farms.

Based on the categories, we can understand the Hitch. What is a Hitch? A Hitch is a three-point interface that serves as a key for attaching work accessories to the back of a tractor. Hitches have different pins, hitch arms and top link dimensions.

If we use the TannerTrack HUAXIA HX404 as an example, it comes in the Cat-1, 3 point linkage with down force that enables the tractor to be fastened with accessories such as grader blades, backhoes, stick rakes, slashers, post hole diggers, rippers, carryalls, rotary hoes, super spreaders, chippers and cultivators. It serves as the perfect mid-sized utility tractor to fulfill medium farm and small acreage farming.

Transmission factor

In the past, tractors have been built using the traditional gear and clutch style transmission. But now, with the advancements in technology, transmissions have become an important point of consideration while choosing a tractor.

Modern tractors are assembled with hydrostatic transmissions, which has improved the way the tractor operates. Now you can avoid instances where your tractor lurches with the early release of the clutch. The current tractors are designed with options so you can select the gear and speed range. Once selected, you can then push the forward or reverse pedal to control the direction and the speed at which you want to go. Hydrostatic transmissions last longer from the wear and tear of regular usage as compared to manual transmissions. Many of the compact tractors in Australia use hydrostatic transmissions that make the drive and use of the sub compact tractor, utility tractor and mid-sized utility tractor comfortable.

Power Take-Off

Another factor to consideration is power take-off. It A spinning shaft that is present in the rear of the tractor. The purpose of it is to provide the required power to additional attachments such as hay balers and mowers. So, the higher the power, the better the performance.


When selecting compact tractors for purchase, Hydraulics play an important factor. A tractor with hydraulic power steering makes maneuverability easy. Having high powered hydraulics makes it convenient to lift and power attachments and implement front-end loaders and backhoes.

Protective design structure

Modern tractors are now built with safety as a key factor in mind. Hence most of these tractors come with a rollover protection structure to avoid any mishap or injury. This is an important parameter to consider while choosing the best utility tractor.

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