Quality Lovol Tractor

Looking for a low cost high quality Chinese tractor then you cannot go past the M Series Lovol tractor, For years tractors have been coming out of China and their quality has been getting better and better and now to a point where we are very happy to have Lovol tractors in our range of lifestyle / farm tractors.

Attention to detail has been taken with their own quality designed and manufactured front axles to the 3rd Generation cabins with heater and air conditioning. With easy to drive synchromesh 12 speed transmission and shuttle shift, 2 speed PTO, 2 sets of rear remotes, plated 3pl arms and swinging draw bar these tractors an asset to any farm or small property.

Matched with our own design modified front end loader with larger rams for extra crowd force you will be moving those heavy loads with ease.

Tanner track has been appointed the Victorian Dealer for Lovol tractors and we are starting the range off with,

  • M354 35hp small property tractor boasting an 8x8 transmission with shuttle shift with flat floor design and 4in1 Front End Loader.
  • M604 60hp Medium to Large acreage Tractor with 12x12 Synchromesh transmission with shuttle shift, we will have this tractor in either a Rop’s model with sunshade or a 3rd Generation Cabin model
  • M804 80hp Large acreage Tractor with 12x12 Synchromesh transmission with shuttle shift, this tractor steps up a class in size and hp to accommodate the large farm with its larger size front end loader it will be an asset to you. This Cabin tractor ready to work and perform to a high level as they are built with the highest quality control.

We have a range of attachments to suit these tractors from slashers, backhoes and wood chippers for the rear 3pl just to name a few, then we have a range of Euro Mount attachments like Pallet Forks and Bale Spears and hydraulic post hole augers.

We have many other options of tractor attachments for our tractors ranging from large and small rippers to post hole diggers you can rest assure we can put together a package deal to suit your needs.