Service, Warranty, Support


Tannertrack is committed to After-sales support for our tractors; whether it is some general advice or a warranty issue we are only a phone call away. We offer a range of services which prove to be of great help to our customers and a Warranty to put our customers at ease with any doubts they may be having in their mind.


Although most people are able to service our products on their own, owing to the built quality and design of the tractors, yet we have a network of service people all round the country and provide servicing of tractors ourselves too. For further product support, we keep spare parts in stock and make them readily available for our customers in need.

At Tannertrack, we aim to provide the best possible After-sales Support, with the below–mentioned services provided to our customers:

  • Advice on servicing
  • Servicing
  • Tractor Setup
  • Tractor Adjustments
  • Spare Parts support
  • Tractor Attachments

We also make quick videos on how to do things like setting clutch adjustment or refitting Backhoe.


TannerTrack supports its customers with their purchases by offering a warranty on everything sold.

Our Warranty is a written warranty that you can read upfront, so there are no catches or hidden conditions. It is NOT sold from a third-party Warranty company out there to make money.

Our tractor have different warranty options depending on the size of tractor you are looking at.

1 year warranty,

The Compact 30hp Luzhong and 40hp Huaxia

Year 1 Parts warranty with in house labour

3 year warranty

60hp & 80hp Lovol tractors  

Year 1 & 2 Parts and Labour including travel

Year 3 Drive line Parts warranty

INLON-TYM 3 year warranty

Our TYM range of tractors is backed by the long standing company's, eg Perkins, Mitsubishi, Inlon

3 year warranty. More details are available


Note (In house labour refers to the tractor has to be freighted back to the workshop at your expense) We like to be upfront about things like this and if you have any other questions about our warranty please don't hesitate to give us a call.

We honor our warranty and are happy to answer any questions you may have about it.