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Tractors for Sale in Warrnambool

Are you looking to upgrade your farm's efficiency and in search for a reliable yet affordable tractor? At Tannertrack, we've got the perfect tractor for you, serving areas from Warrnambool to Victoria. We're known for providing high-quality tractors at competitive prices, making us a trusted name in the industry.

We're your complete source for tractors and related equipment across Australia. Beyond tractors, we offer a range of attachments to ensure your tractor is perfectly equipped for any task, from slashing to front-end loading. We have a variety of implements to choose from. Not sure which tractor suits you best? Have a chat with our expert team, and we'll help you find the ideal tractor for your needs.

High-End Tractor Selection for Warrnambool Farming Conditions

Warrnambool's unique landscape of rolling hills and fertile land requires tractors that you can rely on. Look no further! We've got a
selection of tractors that are just right for the varying demands of farming in this area.

Here's a look at some of the models you might consider:

Compact Tractors for Smaller Farms and Hobby Farming

Focus: Easy to handle, simple to use, and budget-friendly.

Suitable for: Cutting grass, working in vegetable gardens, minor landscaping, and moving stuff around your land.

Featured Models:

  • TYM Tractors: Models like the popular 25-hp TYM are great for small tasks and moving through tight spots, ideal for hobby farming and smaller plots.
  • Lovol Tractors: Lovol’s compact tractors, available in 35 hp and 50 hp, are easy to operate and perfect for the needs of smaller farms and hobby farmers in Warrnambool.

Utility Tractors for Mid-Sized Farms

Focus: All-around performance, good power, and ready for multiple jobs.

Suitable for: Cutting larger areas, preparing big plots of land, managing loader tasks, and using different attachments.

Featured Models:

  • Landini Tractors: The Discovery Series from Landini, with options like 60 hp and 75 hp, is favored by many mid-sized farms. They offer great flexibility and are robust enough for a variety of farming tasks.

If you’re not sure which tractor is the best fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is here to guide you to the perfect tractor for your farm.


Small Farms (under 10 hectares): Choose compact tractors under 50 horsepower, ideal for maneuverability in tight spaces.

Mid-sized Farms (10-50 hectares): Select utility tractors between 50-100 horsepower for versatility in various farming tasks.

Large Farms (over 50 hectares): Opt for tractors over 100 horsepower for heavy-duty farming and large implement operation.

Yes, Tannertrack offers comprehensive maintenance and service solutions to keep your tractor running smoothly. Our services include regular maintenance packages, support from certified technicians, and the use of genuine parts to ensure optimal performance.

Safety is crucial when purchasing a tractor. Consider the following features:

Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS): Protects operators in case of rollovers.

Seatbelt: Essential for preventing ejection during accidents.

Warning Lights and Signals: Important for visibility and safety during low-light conditions or on roads.

Shielding: Prevents hazards from entanglement with moving parts like PTO shafts, belts, and pulleys.

Understand Local Regulations: Contact local authorities for the latest on tractor operation and maintenance regulations.

Stay Compliant: Ensure your tractor is registered, meets safety standards, complies with emissions regulations, and adheres to size and weight restrictions.

Maintain Regularly: Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and keep detailed records of all services and repairs.